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Nothing can come more unexpected and cause such drastic changes in our lives than the sudden loss of a loved one.  It is therefore not surprising that "Death" is such  an unpleasant subject  for all of us.

Yet we all have to deal with it at some time or other and  the trauma when trying  to come  to terms with the facts of life will be drastically increased if there are insufficient funds available to you or your dependants to cover burial costs and other expenses.

Who Can Be Covered?

Funeral cover is available for individuals between the ages of 18 - 65.

The following cover types is available:
  • Individual Cover: Main Member only
  • Family Cover: Main Member, spouse and up to 5 dependents up to age 21
  • Extension of Cover for individual family members at additional cost

  • What Is Covered?

  • Natural & Accidental Death Benefit
  • - Death as a result of HIV/Aids-related illness is covered.
    - Claims settled in less than 2 days if all documentation received.

  • Repatriation Service Benefit
  • - In the event of the insured's death, the next of kin may decide on the place of burial and funeral home.
    - The mortal remains will then be sent to a branch of the chosen funeral home, closest to the cemetery.
    - This service is only offered if both the death and burial occur within the borders of South Africa.

    Waiting Period

    - Natural Death: 6 months and 6 paid premiums.
    - Addidental Death: When 1st premium received.

    What Is Not Covered?

    Suicide or attempted suicide during the first 12 months.