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Home Loan Insurance

Enables homeowners to maintain monthly bond repayments in the event of illness, disability + death. From only R80 a month.


How Much Life Cover?

Not having enough life cover is just as dangerous as having no life insurance at all but how much do you actually need?


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Hollard Pet Insurance For Cats And Dogs


Pet Insurance


Pet Medical Insurance For Cats + Dogs

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  • Unforeseen Illness
  • Accidental Injury
  • Routine Care and Sterilisation (optional add-on)
  • Emergency kennelling

Once your vet has treated your pet, simply send in a Hollard Pet Insurance claim form along with your vet's detailed account and proof of payment. Hollard Pet Insurance then calculates the benefit and pays you directly. It is as simple as that. Benefits are paid according to the PetSure Tariff Rate, which was based on the South African Veterinary Council Guidelines of Fees and is now reviewed annually. Claims are settled within 14 working days of receipt of your claim.

Hollard Pet Insurance is the ideal product to protect your pet and your pocket

  • Underwritten and backed by The Hollard Insurance Company, one of South Africa’s largest Insurance Underwriters
  • Administered by PetSure – PetSure has been providing pet insurance products and administration since 1992
  • Offers discounts for two or more pets
  • Offers a comprehensive range of benefits
  • Offers different levels of protection
  • Easy monthly payments
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Use any veterinarian countrywide


Question: What is Accidental Injury?
Answer: A physical or bodily injury that happens accidentally to your pet as a result of external, violent and visible means, for example a broken bone, snake bite or dog/cat fight.

Question: What is an Illness?
An Illness means an unexpected sickness or disease, or any change to your pet's normal healthy state that is not caused by injury to your pet. Examples include an upset stomach, skin conditions or an ear infection.

Question: Does Hollard Pet Insurance offer benefits towards preventative treatments?
Yes, but only if the Routine Care Cover option is chosen as an add-on option.

Preventative treatment includes vaccinations, deworming, tick and flea control, sterilisations and dental scaling (procedure only). Elective surgery is not covered.

Question: Does my pet have to have a microchip or tattoo to claim?
Answer: Yes, it does. This provides permanent identification and acts as your pet's medical aid card, allowing you to utilise any veterinarian countrywide.

Question: Where do I get a microchip?
Answer: Microchips are available from your local veterinarian, SPCA or PetSure. Your vet will inject the microchip painlessly under the loose skin of your pet. Note - no claims will be paid unless Hollard Pet Insurance has proof of this microchip insertion.

Question: Are there any age limits for the insurance?
Answer: Your pets must be between 8 weeks and 8 years of age to qualify - cover is for life, provided premiums are kept up to date

Question: When will my policy start and when can I claim?
Answer: Your policy will commence at midnight on the 1st day of the month once accepted. We do not pro-rate. The start date is printed on your certificate of insurance. You may make a claim for conditions which arise one calendar month after the start date.

Question: What is not covered?
Answer: Cover is not provided for preventative treatment unless the routine care cover option is selected. No cover is provided for pregnancy, congenital or hereditary defects, pre-existing conditions or for conditions showing clinical signs during the waiting period.

Question: Indoor pets don't have many health problems, do they?
Answer: When we think of the unexpected, we instantly think of accidents. However, over 75% of all claims are for illnesses and not accidents. Research shows that indoor pets are no less susceptible to these illnesses.

Question: Should I wait until my pet is older to purchase pet insurance?
Answer: Young pets are like babies and toddlers - they lack full coordination. They are more likely to experience injuries or get into trouble. It's always better to enrol them when they're young, especially before any conditions develops that then becomes pre-existing at time of joining.

Question: Instead of pet insurance, can’t I just start saving now for an illness or accident?
Answer: The intention is right, but like any insurance will you have saved enough for a serious injury or accident when a sudden emergency occurs? Most people aren't prepared for the actual cost of veterinary emergency care, or adequately prepared to put aside that much money at one time.






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