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Have you ever thought what you would do if your house suffered serious fire damage due to an electrical short or a lightning strike? Or what if a water main burst and flooded your entire property? Or even if you came home from work one evening to find your house stripped of all its contents? These scenarios may be taken from your worst nightmares, but the scariest thing of all is that they could so easily become a reality.  A reality which could see you fall heavily into debt trying to repair your home and replace your most treasured possessions, that is, if you did not have comprehensive home insurance.

In twenty-first century South Africa, where food and fuel prices are skyrocketing, and the general cost of living costs a whole lot more each year, the last thing you need to be worrying about is how you are ever going to be able to afford to carry the costs these 'nightmares' will inevitably incur.  Home insurance allows you to plan ahead, and ultimately plan for the worst. If you are a new home buyer, if you have recently conducted any renovations to your property, or recently purchased that dream home entertainment system, or computer, or even if you have been living in the same house for twenty years and never experienced property damage or theft, home insurance will offer the necessary protection and financial support you would so desperately need, if one of those nightmares actually came true.

Home Insurance

For many people, though, the words 'home insurance' conjure up nightmares themselves and a lot of people cringe at the thought of all the time, effort and money that goes into tracking down the best insurance company to suit all of your home insurance needs. This need not be the case, though, because when you remove all the marketing rhetoric insurance companies employ to sell their policies, you'll soon find that these companies generally offer the same basic services.

For instance, the broad banner of 'home insurance' can be divided into two, more manageable, subcategories that allow you to better understand the particular services on offer.  The first is Homeowner's Insurance, which incorporates all the home insurance deals providing cover for the actual buildings of your private residence themselves, including any outbuildings and swimming pools.

Home Contents Policy

The second, then, is Household Insurance, which allows you to insure the contents of your house against damage and  theft, and here almost anything can be covered, from electrical equipment, to furniture, to your own personal effects, depending on the level of insurance you choose.

At the end of the day, the reality is that you don't need to look to the blockbuster Hollywood disaster movies to find an excuse to insure your home. Insurance deals make even more sense when you look at various stories in your local newspaper. Crime, weather damage and freak accidents all do occur, and the question then becomes, when you think of all the 'what ifs' and 'maybes' that could possibly come true, is can you really afford to be without home insurance?