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What Is Accident Cover?

The alarming toll taken on South Africa's roads and the many violent injuries suffered due to crime make accident cover something we should all consider.

But accidents happen in many ways.  You can also get hurt at home or at work. You can lose an arm or a leg, your eyesight or your hearing.  You might consider yourself to be a healthy person but are you worried about accidents?

As if an accident weren't disastrous enough, such an injury can also cripple you financially.  And if you are not declared medically disabled you will not be able to claim disability cover.  Again, you will need to make provision for additional expenses through an option such as accident cover.

What expenses should you provide for?

You may need to learn new physical skills to compensate for your loss – and therapy is usually very expensive. You may need to pay for structural changes to your home or car.

How does accident cover work? There are two ways in which accident cover will benefit you.

Death: If you were to die in an accident, or as a result of violence, your beneficiaries or your estate will receive an additional amount as death cover.

Injury: If you suffer an injury as a result of an accident, you will be paid out a lump sum.  You are also covered against the loss of a limb as a result of violence such as, for example, a hijacking.

Even if the loss is not completely devastating - say you lose the hearing in one ear - you will still receive a percentage of the sum insured.