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Household Insurance South Africa

If you want to insure your household belongings against fire, theft, water, wind, storm damage etc, you need household insurance cover. Many South Africans feel they don't need household insurance, because they think they have proper security measures installed at home, live in a secured neighborhood and have an armed response alarm.

Household Contents

Fact is, with household insurance you not only insure your possessions against burglary and theft, but also against the elements. Can you afford to be without household insurance if your house burnt down, or gets flooded during a storm?

Different options are available to reduce the premium when obtaining household insurance. You can decide to exclude burglary/theft cover (not wise, but possible!), increase the excess amount you pay during a claim etc.

Insuring The Contents Of Your House

Other factors that may influence your household insurance premium is the area you live in, the security measures at the residence, the construction of the roof and walls (non-standard walls and thatched roofs increases the risk and premium), your claim-free years insured and the excess you agree to pay when you have a claim.